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          students in the field

          Scholarships & Fellowships

          Undergraduate Scholarships

          Department Academic Scholarships

          Crop Sciences awards over 30 scholarships each year to incoming freshman, current, and transfer students enrolled in our undergraduate program. Scholarship applications are emailed to eligible students in the spring semester. Specific dates and instructions are included on the application.

          Undergraduate Travel Awards

          Crop Sciences majors have the opportunity to apply for a departmental undergraduate travel award. This award may be used to help defray travel expenses for conferences, study abroad, etc. Priority will be given to 502 Bad Gateway

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          semester in which their trip took place). Papers should be submitted to Scott Bartlett.


          For more information about Crop Sciences undergraduate scholarships, please contact Scott Bartlett.

          College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences (ACES) Scholarships

          of ACES scholarship applications open in April and are due in June. For more information, visit the 无极荣耀注册复制打开hb188.com.

          University Need-Based Financial Aid

          To learn more about need-based financial aid, please visit the AG赌博网站网赌复制打开hb188.com.

          Graduate Fellowships, Assistantships + Awards

          Department Fellowships

          Crop Sciences awards over $200,000 in fellowships, assistantships, and awards each year to graduate students enrolled in our program. Current students awarded a fellowship, assistantship or award will receive notification of reappointment for their support in mid-May. For specific Crop Sciences graduate scholarship questions, please contact Dianne Carson.

          Graduate College Fellowships, Traineeships, and Assistantships

          The Graduate College also offers financial aid awards to help you pay for graduate school and resources to locate external fellowships outside of the University of Illinois. Visit the AG官方开奖博彩复制打开hb188.com for more information.